Clarion Treatment Court

Clarion Treatment Court focuses on Level 3 and Level 4 offenders who, due to the presence of a substance abuse problem, are sentenced to the program in lieu of jail. The Commission also provides funding for Level 2 clients that are appropriate for the program.

How is a Person Admitted into the Program?

Eligible individuals (non-violent Level 3/Level 4 offenders) will be identified and interviewed by the Clarion County Probation Department.

Appropriate individuals MUST have an initial drug and alcohol assessment conducted by a Case Manager through the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission, Inc. This assessment will determine the most appropriate level of care for drug & alcohol treatment. The Case Manager will forward the recommendation to the Clarion County Treatment Court team.

The Judge makes the decision to sentence the offender the program or not. THE JUDGE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE A RECOMMENDATION TO THE PROGRAM AT ANY TIME.

If sentenced to the program, the individual will go directly to the level of care which was recommended for drug & alcohol treatment.

The following Clarion County Treatment Court Team members participate in the program to assist the offender:

  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Magisterial Judge
  • Probation Department
  • Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug & Alcohol Commission Case Managers
  • Defense Advocate
  • Treatment Provider
  • Mental Health Liaison

All will maintain regular contact with each other and the client to continually review the client’s progress.

Why Was the Program Created?

Clarion Treatment Court Program was created:

  • As an alternative sentencing tool
  • To identify offenders for whom restrictive intermediate punishment sentence combined with drug and alcohol treatment may be more appropriate and effective than incarceration
  • To reduce the number of offenders repeating drug/alcohol abuse and crime

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