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Drug-Free Communities

Picture children safely attending school in a true drug free environment. Picture new community parks that provide families opportunities for recreation. Picture local resources devoted to enhancing the quality of life and not combating illegal drug use. What if YOUR community were drug free? Join us in achieving this goal, and we can picture it together.

Who Are We?

The Armstrong-Indiana Drug Free Communities Coalition (DFCC) is the leading organization bringing together all the community sectors to create a safe, healthy and drug free environment in the two counties for your youth and families.

A project of the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission, the coalition is an important part of making the picture of a drug free community come to life.

A major partner working on this initiative include:

- Armstrong and Indiana County Tobacco Free Coalitions

The DFCC is led by a cross-section of community stakeholders. At the table, you will find individuals representing education, healthcare, drug and alcohol prevention, human services, law enforcement, government, parents and concerned citizens.

Why Are We Needed?

This is the reality we face in Armstrong and Indiana Counties…

- Age of first use of alcohol and illegal drugs is now at 10 years old, on average.

- On average, 25% of emergency room visits at ACMH hospital and Indiana Regional Medical Center are alcohol and/or drug related.

- Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in both Armstrong and Indiana counties for both youth and young adults.

What Works…

We know that success has been seen in communities where collations such as this exist. Communities working together works!

Interventions by community coalitions has helped lead to a 24% decline in underage drinking and drug use over the last six years. (Source: CADCA 2007 Annual Report)

What Are We Doing?

Working on multiple fronts, we are tackling the substance abuse issue with a comprehensive approach including many strategies.

- Informative and up-to-date website

- Distribution of educational brochures

- Drug and alcohol-free alternative activities

- Bi-annual adolescent problem surveys

- Trainings and seminars

-Community meetings

- Alcohol and tobacco compliance checks

- Legislative advocacy

- Public Awareness campaigns

- Public service announcements

- Drug Trends

This proactive approach will ensure a safe, healthy and drug free community for us all.


We value safety in our communities. We value healthy living and drug free lifestyles. A wealth of resources are devoted toward combating the social and economic problems associated with illegal drug use and abuse. Our focus is on the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse. The success of these prevention efforts will add to our quality of life. We value a drug free community, because we believe that we are worth it!

Please join us:

Armstrong County - on the forth Wednesday of the even months, from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30am meeting at the ACMH in Confrence Room 2.

Indiana County - on the third Thursday of the odd months, from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30a.m. meeting at the Citizen’s Ambulance Training Center on West Pike.

Clarion County - on the forth Friday of the odd months from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30a.m. meeting at the Forestry Building.


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 Armstrong-Indiana Drug Free Communities Coalition

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