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Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a confidential program through which school districts offer support services to students demonstrating risk behaviors that are interfering with their education.

The program involves a SAP Team, whose primary function is to remove barriers to educational success, while enhancing the developmental assets of students.

How is the Drug & Alcohol Commission involved in the SAP process?


The Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug & Alcohol Commission employs an Ad Hoc Liaison to the SAP Team. The role of the liaison includes:

  • Identify possible drug and alcohol related concerns.
  • Attend a minimum of two SAP meetings per month.
  • Conduct student interviews (as needed), along with another SAP team member to gather information.
  • Provide crisis assistance/intervention and management to students and faculty.
  • Complete drug and alcohol assessments in the school setting and/or assist in making arrangements for assessments to be completed at a licensed drug and alcohol facility.
  • Provide information regarding community agencies to assist the SAP team, students, and families in finding appropriate services.
  • Assist with funding and arrangements for students to attend treatment.

Who makes up a SAP team?

In Pennsylvania, Student Assistance Programs use a team of individuals who are SAP trained. The team may consist of:

  • A School Counselor
  • At least two classroom teachers
  • A building administrator
  • A central office administrator
  • A school nurse
  • A Psychologist
  • Coach and/or other faculty or staff
  • Ad Hoc members from community drug/alcohol and mental health

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